Why highway advertisements?

Greater chance of an advertisement to be noticed on the highway than in the city:

  • In the city: attention is occupied, traffic is busy.
  • On the highway: attention is free, traffic is monotonous, advertising even enlivens the trip.

Outdoor advertising audience:

  • In the city: outdoor advertising has a greater effect on pedestrians, the audience of lesser income, youth and elderly people.
  • On the highway: outdoor advertising touches the flows of drivers and passengers, it affects the people of medium and high income, middle aged audience, which is of the most active and biggest purchasing power.


If the objective of Your advertising is a fast reaction of a driver, the most suitable kind of advertising for You is advertising in the city. However, advertising on the highway is an excellent combination and continuation of a short-term advertising campaign in cities:

  • In the city: when the objective of an advertising campaign is a fast reaction of a driver to an advertising message (product introduction, promotion of sales, etc.), usually a 1 month local strategy of 40-100 small stands in cities is chosen.
  • usually a 12 month nationwide strategy of 1-2 big double-sided stands is chosen, when the objective of advertising is:

–  to introduce, maintain, strengthen long-term image of a trademark;

– unite short-term advertising in cities into a whole, also to prolong its effect for a longer term.

There is no seasonality on Vilnius-Kaunas highway – annual average daily traffic is 22 000 cars, i.e. ~34 000 people or ~ 1.000.000 people per month. Each year a flow of cars increases by ~7,5%.